inventory list

Fixed Equipment:

- Sufficient storage space

- Folding bed/bench

- Top matras

- Two big 6 kg gasbottles for cooking

- Two burner gasstove

- Sink with electric water tap

- Removable clean- and waste water tanks

- Energy efficient 12V fridge

- Solar panel

- Large auxiliary battery

- Sufficient usb chargers that can be used driving or parking

- Bluetooth FM transmitter to connect your phone to the car stereo.



-2x camping chair

-1x camping table

-1x camping lamp

-1x CEE power cable

-1x adapter CEE plug

-1x extension cable

-1x 4-way socket



-2x cooking pan

-1x baking pan

-6x hard plastic plate

-6x hard plastic cup

-6x soup bowl

-1x cutlery set

-1x set of kitchen knives

-1x set of ladles

-1x long lighter

-1x bottle opener

-1x scissors

-1x colander

-1x cutting board

-2x coaster

-1x set of clothes pins

-1x clothes line

-1x duster & tin

-1x washing-up bowl

-1x washing-up brush



-2x Safety vest

-1x danger/safety triangle

-1x fire extinguisher

-1x first aid kit

-1x parking disc