Landrover 4x4 expedition camper



Prices are per full day and vary with the season:                                    

low season  95   €
may/june  109 €
july/august  129 €
september  95 €


Off the road!
No limits!
Off grid!

This is a unique camper and you will not find a second one like this.

Very good off-road capabilities and yet a real camper with all amenities. This is quite different from a 4x4 with a rooftop tent!

The base is a Landrover Defender pick-up. It has been fully adapted technically to get a reliable off-road-oriented car. The too weak original 2.5 four-cylinder diesel engine has been replaced by one of the best-designed diesel engines ever: a Mercedes Turbodiesel six-cylinder in-line engine with three times as much power and torque. Linked to this is a 'real' Mercedes automatic gearbox with torque converter. Additional oil coolers fitted for the engine and gearbox. Double Koni shock absorbers. No torsion bars, so the wheels have more independent suspension. A big advantage in the terrain because the wheels can keep better contact with the ground. On the highway, the latter requires some getting used to for the driver: the car 'rolls' a bit more in bends. Landrovers of this type are permanently four-wheel drive so you do not need to engage it. However, you can still opt for the low gearing off the road. The automatic transmission makes off-road driving a lot easier: you put the car in a low gear on a difficult part and it rolls through it without using the accelerator.

Don't expect the luxury and comfort of a modern car. A Defender is a rugged car that drives a bit like a truck.

The camper body is made like an Action Mobil camper: indestructible and well insulated. Just look up the Action Mobil website. The superstructure does not protrude at the rear, so that the terrain skills are not adversely affected. The furnishings are simple but very effective. The bed is very comfortable with a slatted base and good mattress. The seat has a double sofa on one side and a single sofa on the other. There is storage space under both benches. There is also cupboard space at the top of the living area. The refrigerator works on Gas, 230V and 12V. The kitchen area is practically furnished with plenty of work space and a folding gas stove. The ceiling has skylights and silent fans that work on their own solar cells. The toilet consists of a porta potti that is in a niche and can be pulled forward for use. The gas for cooking and the refrigerator is in an LPG tank that is permanently mounted under the car. Can easily be filled at a gas station. a solar panel is mounted on the roof. You never really need electricity from outside. On the side there is a storage compartment that is completely closed off from the living space. There is also such a kind of storage space at the back. For example suitable for oil, coolant, etc

This camper is preferably rented out for longer periods. All destinations on the 'green card' are possible without consultation. If you are considering a trip outside of this area (Africa, Mongolia) then that is certainly negotiable, but then of course we have to arrange and discuss something. I myself have traveled a lot with a 4x4 to destinations outside Europe and I enjoy acting as a source of information and home for other adventurers. Of course you are also very welcome if you 'just' want to go to Scotland or Norway or the Pyrenees or anywhere in Europe for two weeks.

As mentioned, this camper is not everyone's cup of tea: it is not very comfortable. The air conditioning consists of a few valves that you can open under the windshield. The engine is audible. The seats are small and barely adjustable. Of course there are also many pluses, but hopefully you can now think of the advantages of this very tough adventure-loving camper by yourself

2 chairs and a table for outside

Full kitchen inventory


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